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Телефон горячей линии: 8 800 555 27 07
Телефон горячей линии:
8 800 555 27 07

Champion’s Barrel

Basic equipment

We were inspired to create a barrel for athletes by one of our clients. We are talking about Nikolai Valuev, who got into the Russian Book of Records and received the title of the highest world boxing champion. His height is 213 centimeters, so the masters of RosKedra had to carefully think over the design and increase its size. As a result, the Champion barrel with a diameter of 110 cm and a door 90 cm high appeared in our catalog - you will feel comfortable in it, despite your complexion.

For many years, the RosKedr company has been creating phytobarrels from split cedar. We not only monitor the quality of products and observe cooperage technology, but also strive to please the desires of each client. Recently, the Champion barrel has appeared in the company’s assortment.

We have retained the possibility of artistic design of this model. You can choose the type of hoops used (copper or gold), as well as one of 95 patterns. Want to get something more unique? Call us and we will definitely discuss the possibility of drawing an image according to your sketch.

It is worth noting other advantages of the Champion barrel:

  • tightness of the structure;
  • use of high-quality materials that are resistant to mold and fungus;
  • glueless assembly method;
  • environmental friendliness and product safety;
  • modern equipment (including a powerful steam generator and a remote control for
  • remote temperature control);
  • low power consumption.


Delivery of products is carried out absolutely in any region of Russia and any country in the world.

When buying a Roscedr cedar phyto barrel for your salon, we will place the contacts of your salon in the catalog of centers

Would you like to order a barrel of “Champion”? Call 8 800 555 27 07 or leave an online application on our website.

Technical characteristics of the phyto barrel

The table shows the standard specifications, but we can make a barrel of any size upon your request.

Construction weight50 kg
Neck hole diameter22 cm
Upper drum diameter61-106 cm
Lower drum diameter65-110 cm
Barrel height130 cm
Door height60 or 90 cm
Door width50 cm
Step height20 cm

Steam Generator Specifications

Volume4 l
Voltage220 V
Heating power2 kW
Holding Power1 kW
Warm-up time5-10 minutes
Steam generator typebulk
Plastic typeheat resistant
Complete set of phyto barrels
  • — Phytobarrel
    (adjustable seat, step, footrest)
  • — Steam generator
  • — Nozzle
  • — Digital Thermometer
  • — Certificates
  • — Passport
  • — Openwork hoops
  • — Timer
  • — Unique control panel with temperature control inside and outside the phytobarrel
Champion's Barrel


VIP barrel in the interior

Artwork Gallery

See photo gallery

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